Global Warming

Global Warming is a Consequence
of Overpopulation

The only truly effective solution to global warming is to bring
the global population back into balance with nature
 It’s a question of survival
 Current CO2  emissions = Global warming and climatic disasters
Unlimited population growth = Dramatic increase of CO2 emissions
The future lies in our hands

We can either heal our planet by reducing the global population to a sustainable level
for all life on Earth through sensible and effective birth-control measures 
or we can ignore the facts and face the deadly consequences.

What can the individual do against the
Inform himself/herself and
handle accordingly.
To learn more about effective measures against the overpopulation, see:
‹Population Growth without Limit?
 An End to a Taboo Subject!›
by Christian Frehner, Switzerland,
‹FIGU-Sonder-Bulletin› Nr. 41.
Link here: